The work begins with a complete strip to bare metal with a non-acidic organic chemical stripper, the very safest for your aircraft’s sensitive skin. After cosmetic and corrosion work is completed, seams are sealed and composite areas are sanded, the aircraft is hand washed with brightener and scuff pads to achieve a water break free cleanliness.

Following the brightener wash, a complete alodine conversion coat is applied. This converts the metal to aluminum oxide, providing a corrosion protection barrier and promoting excellent adhesion. There is simply no substitute for a thorough alodine treatment in the life and adhesion of an aircraft paint job. A chromate epoxy primer is then applied for corrosion protection and top coat bonding. On flush riveted aircraft, three coats of polyurethane sanding surfacer are applied and sanded down to provide a smooth substrate for top coat application.

Three coats of Dupon Aviation polyurethane overall are then applied by our expert craftsmen, giving the aircraft a deep reflective gloss. Trim stripes, polished bright metal and silkscreened placards finish off a paint job whose beauty is much more than skin deep.